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JN'C 11/2003

ANNA FUCHS  The designer Anna Fuchs Hamburg goes international. After the up-and-coming talent didn’t participate in last season's trade shows, the German-based designer has now engaged the U.S. agency trendspottingNY, founded by German Kerstin Hamann. Hamann, representing Anna Fuchs Hamburg in the U.S., will use her excellent contacts to the fashion media, such as The New York Times and U.S. Vogue among others, to raise awareness for this high fashion women’s wear collection and establish the line in the U.S.  

Sportswear International News Fall/2003

ONE WORLD  It‘s a fact that the "world of Fashion" keeps getting bigger and that brands see potential growth by targeting international markets. However, to gain a foothold in a new foreign market, it requires specific domestic know-how. The U.S., especially, is considered to be a tough market for European brands. He who doesn‘t internalize the customs and habits of the Americans doesn't even need to bother to unpack his bags. The solution: consulting agencies like the team of trendspottingNY. The consulting team, around founder Kerstin Hamann, supports European fashion companies by establishing their brands in a different cultural environment. “We combine our European fashion background with local know-how and offer particular up-and-coming designers and mid-sized enterprises 24/7 access to the fashion capitol New York,“ says German-born Hamann. The founder, who has been living in New York for several years, looks back on more than eight years of marketing communications experience at, among others, the branch office of the media conglomerate Bertelsmann, New York. For more information please visit

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